A Healthy Diet Makes for Healthy Pets

Pet nutrition services & health care in Fenton, Michigan

Many pets have medical issues that require them to follow certain diets. The talented veterinarians at Animal Health Clinic will help you understand your pet’s needs and find the right food to keep them healthy and strong. If your pet has a health issue that can be triggered by certain diets, we will create a guide for you to follow.

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Read our handy guide to pet nutrition

Read our handy guide to pet nutrition

Different types of pets require different types of nutrition to stay healthy. Here a few simple steps to follow if your pet is healthy and does not require a special diet:

  • Dogs: Dogs require a healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates. How much food dogs need depends on their size, breed and activity level. As they age and slow down, dogs require less food to meet their needs.
  • Cats: Cats require food high in protein, moisture and taurine.
  • Guinea pigs: These pets thrive on hay, vegetables and pellets.
Our vets will be happy to go over your animal’s nutrition plan with you. Reach out to us to learn more.