Congratulations on your new puppy and thank you for choosing Animal Health Clinic as your puppy's veterinarian! It is our goal to provide your new puppy with the best medical care available.  We know that dog ownership is a big responsibility and expenses on a new puppy can certainly add up fast. In order to help minimize some of your health care costs and to make your dog ownership a happy and healthy experience, we have developed the Puppy Health Program.  This program will get your puppy started off on his or her vaccines, physical exams, fecal testing and dewormer.  Your puppy will be given a thorough medical exam to determine its general health and to rule out any congenital birth defects.  During the course of the plan two stool samples will be requested to check for intestinal parasites (worms).  Parasites are identified by microscopically observing the eggs, which the adult worms, when present, pass into the bowel of the puppy.

Not included in the Puppy Health Program is the Lyme vaccine; nor are heartworm prevention or any medical treatment for a problem detected Upon examination.  After the initial vaccinations, an annual physical, blood screen, vaccines, heartworm and fecal exam are recommended to promote adequate immunity and general good health of your dog.

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